Food Trends Prediction For 2013







What is it? New frontiers in gourmet popcorn — unusual flavors, thoughtfully-sourced ingredients.



What is it? Smoke is being used to preserve and flavor ingredient food and drinks far afield of standbyes like trout and salmon: potatoes, bourbon, creme fraiche and even water, to name a few.


Vegetables As Main Courses

What is it? Chefs bored by the same old seared pork chops and braised short ribs have been experimenting more and more with putting vegetables at the center of the plate rather than forcing them to play supporting roles, much to the delight of vegetarian diners.



What is it? Foods like kimchi and sauerkraut have become extremely prominent due to their unusual meld of umami and sour tastes.


Artisanal Bread

What is it? Restaurants and bakeries alike have been putting more effort into their bread baskets of late.


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

What is it? As younger diners, pregnant women and non-drinkers visit high-end restaurants more often, they increasingly look for beverage options that don’t include booze but nonetheless taste interesting.


Chef Collaborations

What is it? Chefs are increasingly coming out of the kitchen to make new kinds of food in concert with other chefs or with food companies.


Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce

What is it? Like barrel-aged bourbon or wine, except hot sauce


Winter Veggies, Served Fresh

What is it? Especially at high-end restaurants, vegetables that grow in the winter, like squashes, kale and turnip, have been served more frequently in preparations that are lighter and fresher than old staples like roasting and stewing.



What is it? With the price of beef, lamb & pork soaring, restaurants have increasingly looked toward luxurious preparations of chicken as a viable meat entree on moderately-priced menus.



What is it? A Korean hot sauce that some thing could soon supplant sriracha as the red Asian condiment of choice.


Cured Meat

What is it? Chefs and meat processors are still finding new ways to produce scrumptious varieties of salumi & charcuterie beyond things like prosciutto and pancetta.



What is it? Some people think tea is the new coffee, and that we’re likely to see more varieties in the future.


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