Meet the Flintstones in Arizona’s Real-Life Bedrock

If you are a loyal Flintstones fan, then you’re going to love this, especially if you live around northern Arizona. Because that’s where the real-life Bedrock city is located. Not an actual city of course, but a place to go to 365 days a year to experience Stone Age with your favorite cartoon characters. Closed only on Christmas day, it’s an improvement over the first Bedrock city in Cluster, South Dakota, which is open only from the middle of May through Labor Day.

Arizona’s Bedrock City was built in 1972, by Francis Speckles, son of an investor. At the time it used to feature a live Fred and Barney. But that wasn’t easy to sustain, given the isolation of the area and the shortage of local workers. But the isolation is actually a blessing-in-disguise, because it gives the place a whole lot of charm, and an authentic Stone Age feel. Today, the place consists of colorful concrete structures that recreate the magic of the 1960s animated series. Located at about a half hour’s drive south of the Grand Canyon, Bedrock City is a great roadside stop for people who want to relive some wonderful memories, especially those who grew up in the 60s and 70s.

Photo: mlhradio

Once you enter the city, you can find all the buildings associated with the Flintstones – the general store, police station, jail and beauty parlor. And how could Bedrock ever be complete without the Flintstones’ and the Rubbles’ houses? The interiors of the houses are surprisingly detailed, with saber-toothed-tiger-hide bedspreads, pet dinosaurs, and a pterodactyl record player. You can actually buy stuff at the general store, like some dinosaur ribs and comically large watermelon slices. Everything in the city is painted in garish colors, and the place itself carries a rather ghostly feel around it.

Photo: mlhradio

But the City isn’t completely devoid of activity. The Bedrock theatre still plays Flintstones cartoons with audio broadcast over loudspeakers. A Fredmobile tram is still in operation and loops around St. Wilma volcano. At the snack bar, you can try out from selections like a Chickasaurus dinner, a Fishasaurus sandwich, or a Gravelberry pie. The City was recently renovated, incorporating some stylish new fiberglass structures of the main Flintstones characters. However, it’s hard to say that the rest of the place has been maintained well. Perhaps it is good for a few hours well spent. If you ask me though, I’d  prefer this $3.5 million Flintstones-inspired luxury house any day.

Photo: mlhradio

Photo: mlhradio

Photo: mlhradio

Photo: mlhradio

Photo: mlhradio

Photo: mlhradio



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