$50,000 a Month Working from Home: Blatant Lie or Shocking Reality?

With so many “Work at Home” opportunities all over the Internet today, it’s hard to tell which ones are real and which ones are scams. Here at CNBC, we’re going to uncover the truth about some popular work at home advertisements.

After the recession hit, millions of Americans experienced reduced hours at work and many suffered the loss of their jobs. This made it easy for dishonest Internet companies to prey on men and women who were desperate for work and trying to provide for their families.

Online ads claiming to show you how to “Make $50,000 in Your First Month” – and other outrageous promises – attempted to take advantage of innocent jobseekers struggling to make ends meet.

Unfortunately, most of these were indeed scams and ultimately cost the people who fell for them money they were already in need of.

There are some legitimate Work at Home sites out there, but they are few and far between. As I’m sure you’ve probably seen, there are success stories on blogs and personal websites of people who have allegedly made thousands of dollars working from home.

We’ve been skeptical about these claims and aren’t sure if proof can be found in these allegations. We decided to conduct a study of several sites that offered Work at Home opportunities to see if they were legitimate money-making systems.

Putting Work at Home Sites to the Test

I volunteered to test-run some of these systems, myself. To get started, I Googled “make money at home,” just like an average person would do. One of the first results was a relatively new system, but their website was getting a lot of traffic. The name of it was Home Business System. It sounded pretty ordinary, but that’s what I wanted – to try a system that would work for the average person.

Study #1: Home Business System – Work at Home opportunity that shows the user how to make money from websites and posting links.

I went to the website, where it promised that I could have a “stable income in just a week.” On the page, it also claimed that I could:

  • Do This with Little or No Experience.
  • Be My Own Boss and Choose My Own Hours.
  • Have My Business Up and Running in Just a Few Hours.

The Home Business System course offered me two different options to make money online. Selling products (given to you for free after sign-up) on a website, or posting links on sites like blogs and forums.

Basically, the program offers a very detailed guide with step-by-step instructions that walk you through the process of exactly how to make money online. It also includes video tutorials.

It took me about a week to make money, but I made close to $500 after the first week. After three months, I had made nearly $8,000 (see detailed analysis below).

Study #2: NPD Research (www.npdor.com) – Work at Home opportunity that pays users for completing surveys.

Next on my search results page, I chose a popular survey site called NPD Research. They offered many surveys, but after filling out most of the information on many of them, I was “disqualified” before being paid because one of my answers would not match the criteria the company was looking for.

So, much of the work I put in did not pay me. The surveys I did qualify for paid well, but there weren’t a lot that I got to the end of before being “disqualified.”

Study #3: Minute Workers (minuteworkers.com) – Work at Home opportunity that pays users based on completion of specific tasks.

Minute Workers was the last site I chose in my “make money at home” Google search. This site offered many tasks to complete, but all were worth small amounts. Some tasks paid $0.10 and took 10 minutes to complete, so the payout was not worth the effort.

A few tasks paid higher, around $1 and $5 per task, but there were not many. Some of these tasks were survey opportunities, much like NPD research, where I had to “qualify” with my answers. This made them hard to complete and earn money.

The other small jobs just did not pay enough to make a living off of.


After testing all three Work at Home opportunities for three months, these are the final results at the end of our study:

Company Difficulty of Use Hours Worked/Day Average $/Hour Total Earned
Home Business System Low 4 hours $32.90/hour $7,897.06
NPD Research Intermediate 4 hours $4.43/hour $1062.55
Minute Workers Low 4 hours $1.40/hour $336.18

* Results after three months

Home Business System netted me almost $8,000 in just three months. I didn’t start earning money with it for almost a week, but after I did, I earned a large amount. Both NPD Research and Minute Workers offered minimal earnings for the amount of work I put in.

In the end, the results speak for themselves and Home Business System is clearly the winner.

Many Work from Home sites are scams, but we happened to get lucky with our results. Maybe you will be as fortunate in your search.

We’ve included a link to our winner, Home Business System, if you’d like to look into their program.

Step 1. Go to this link: Home Business System, and check whether the course is available in your area.

Step 2. Log in to the Member’s Area and choose one of the two options to make money with.

Step 3. Go through the easy-to-use, step-by-step course provided to you, follow the directions, and GET PAID!

We are not sure if they are still accepting members but you can always check the availability on their website.

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