Welcome to Alley Palais, The Narrowest House In The World

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A POLISH architect reckons THIS is the narrowest house in the world — constructed in an alley between two homes.

Jakub Szczesny’s tiny iron pad measures 4.9ft at its widest point,dropping to 3ft at its thinnest.

Keret house

There’s no room for windows so sunlight comes through holes in the bedroom. And the bathroom is little more than a toilet with a shower head directly above it.

Instead of a staircase, there is only a ladder. The fridge can fit just two cans. The Keret house in Warsaw, Poland, is named after Israeli writer Etgar Keret, who heads the project and will live in the house on and off for a year.

Etgar Keret

Jakub said of the house, which opens to the public today: “Research shows we are approaching a social disaster because too little living space is built. You don’t need that much to live in, as this shows.”


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