Real Vampire seeks blood donor

A US man who describes himself as a ‘vampire’ is advertising online for a blood donor.

The 21-year-old Seattle man says he doesnt want to harm anyone – other than “taking a bit of their blood from time to time”.

Describing himself as a “male sanguinarian, 21 years old age (on the exterior), with hazel gray eyes and auburn hair”, he has posted an ad on craigslist.

“Greetings to everyone who is reading this,” he begins, “I am unable to give my name for obvious reason, but all you do need to know is that I am a vampire.

“I am in need of a blood donor for my personal use. Being a donor is not all fun and games, mixed with mysticism and sex; but it can be if that is what we wish.

“I am looking for either men or women, but I would prefer men since I lean more towards them in terms of blood and sex.

“It would also be great if you were either AB- or O-, for those are the blood types that I am used to.

“This would be an intimate, one-on-one, experience. I use a wide range of techniques, in case you would carry for something other than myself biting you.”

Appropriately enough, the ad coincides with the 165th birthday of Dracula author Bram Stoker on 8 November.


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