My Holiday in Bali, Birthday Surprise for Mom

So this time I`m gonna write about my own holiday in Bali, again… By the way, this is the third time in this year I go to Bali. First was in January with my university. Actually, it was more like industrial visit plus holiday also. And the second time was in July when I had my long journey traveling from  Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and ended up in Bali… So the third time was in October.

My mom has a birthday in October, so I want to give her a birthday present but totally had no idea what it would be. I also want to give her something special before leaving her for a semester during my job training in Kuala Lumpur. That time I still waiting for my working permit accepted by the immigration. Then I had an idea to have one more holiday to Bali. So I check flights and hotels, how much will it cost. Then I bought the ticket and hotels too… She was surprised 🙂

Then we went to Bali only for 4 days. We used Air Asia, then the flight was delayed for about an hour. So we arrived in Bali at night, but luckily the hotel`s representative picked us up, so we don’t need to find taxi in Bali to reach the hotel. I also rent a car in Bali during our stay.

First day, we went to Beachwalk mall in Kuta and had a dinner.

And then the second day we went to Ayana which used to be Ritz Carlton. We want to visit the Rockbar at that time. I suggested to go there by my friend who has job training there. But unfortunately the rockbar is open at 4 while we came at 1.30 at that time. So we change to Potato Head Beach Club. It`s like a restaurant with a pool, and a side pool bar. So u can really enjoy and spend your time there. It also has direct access to Seminyak Beach.

And while swimming there, I had a funny conversation with a guy. I was swimming alone and suddenly this guy came to me and started a conversation. He said that “What a nice sunset ya…” and I was just nodding. Blah blah blah he kept talking to me anyway. He said that he`s from Jakarta and wonder where do I come from. I just let him guess. He guess that I`m from Thailand, then I shook my head.

Then he made next guess, Singapore?






Ah really? Where do u come from?

Then I said “Actually it`s just 2 hours from your city… gotcha”

No way! Really? HAHA Thats funny… But u look like from Thailand or somewhere else…

Yeah? haha, I`m from Bandung…

Then he was like invite me to dinner but I already had plan for that night with my friends who are having holiday in Bali also. So after we went back to hotel, had a lil rest then my mom drive me to Beachwalk coz I’m gonna meet my friends there. After hang out at Beachwalk, my friends taking me to Sky Garden… Then my mom pick me up, but she was like angry. She doesn’t like that I go to such place.

Then the next day we went for lunch in Ibu Tinuk… And after planned to go to Kudeta. But I read from TripAdvisor that there`s a lot of complains about Kudeta. So we changed our mind and heading to W Retreat&Spa. The hotel is one of Starwood Property. Last time I made my job traning in Sheraton also which is one of Starwood Property. Starwood has lot’s of brand like Sheraton, W, Westin, Le Meridien, The Luxury Collection etc.

The hotel was great. And we went to Woo Bar for enjoying the sunset. Quite expensive actually but the service wasn`t really excellent actually.

Then we went back to the hotel and had a massage 😉 what a nice holiday…. Then usually we went for supper in Kuta. There`s a seafood restaurant, but i forgot what the name is.

Last day in Bali we just rest all day long in hotel coz my mom felt sick. And in the evening we went to late lunch and went to Gusto’s Ice cream. I read in tripadvisor that it`s a must visit place. The owner, which is French sell her own home made ice cream and it tastes so delicious. I got 3 cups of ice cream there =p

Then we went back to hotel to get our luggage then go to airport since we had a late night flight. We arrived in Bandung the next day at 00.30 a.m. What a nice holiday… Miss that time >.<


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