This Anatomically Cake is Sucks, Gonna Make You Sick, Yuuuccckkkssss

You hungry but there’s nothing in the fridge to munch on? Don’t freak out, just take a look at the “treats” offered by this anatomically-correct cake shop and you’ll probably lose your appetite for a while.

Miss Cakehead, the creative director who previously brought us the decadent Bloody Human Heart cupcakes and the Human Meat Shop, has now found a new way to shock her fans – an anatomically-correct cake shop featuring all kinds of sick treats, from STD cupcakes and infected toenail cookies to carbuncle bars that will put your stomach to the test. She’s basically inviting bakers to come up with the most gruesome treats they can and showcasing them in various locations across the UK, as well as online on her Eat Your Heart Out blog. The Evil Cake Shop is described as “a the place that allows your imagination to plumb the depths of deviance and soar to the highest ecstasies of bad-taste and good-flavor.”

Talking about the stomach-turning STD cupcakes currently on sale at St Bartholomew’s Hospital Pathology Museum, in London, Miss Cakehead told Metro that The STD cakes have really been quite powerful in teaching people something. We’ve had people say it’s the first time they have thought about the risks of getting a disease.” Another mind-blowing creation featured at her bizarre cake shop is the lung cancer cookie collection, which features edible cigarette butts and ash. For more gruesome deliciousness head over to Eat Your Heart Out 2012, just make sure you do it’s on an empty stomach.

Amanda Deviana said: I definitely won`t have one of these cake… that`s sucks!!!!!

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