Destination Space: Tickets to the Moon Go on Sale


Mountains, rivers, beaches, and other such holiday destinations will soon be passé. Brace yourself for a journey that is out of this world (we mean it). Isle of Man-based company, Excalibur Almaz announced that by the year 2015, it would take passengers on private lunar expeditions.

Priced at a staggering £150m, for a six to eight month journey exploring deep space, the journey will be preceded by a 6 month, full time training with Californian company XCorp. Using second-hand Soviet-era spacecraft, that have been completely redone with state of the art equipment, Mr. Art Dula, founder of Excalibur Almaz and long time space enthusiast, plans on taking his patrons well beyond the limits of his competitors. With a demand for 29 such tickets in the coming 10 years, it is estimated that in about 10 years, the price will come down to £50m.

Although this project takes travel to a whole new level, enthusiasts and investors must keep in mind the dangers and risks associated with such an enterprise. Russian cosmonaut and advisor to the company, Valery Tokarev has one key lesson: “If you make a mistake in space, it will kill you.”

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