My Journey Back to Bandung from Bali – Part 4

Well , I know it`s a lil bit too late to write about my last Bali Trip, but let me finish it lol…
So when i arrived in Lombok and planned to take the ferry, the local people said that it was just impossible to get on the ferry in such situation. The waves was too big! So the choices only stay in Lombok or find a flight to Bali… While deciding, I was just sat on the ground.. And that time, I was just really want to go back home , lol. And i started crying , well it was embarassing but i just couldn`t resist it. Then i heard that 2 tourist from Sweden and 2 tourist from Switzerland decided to find a flight to Bali, and they got to pay 2 millions each. I didn`t have that much money… So the only option was only stay in Lombok for one night… I don`t know why but my feeling was really bad that time… Then my stepfather called me, because I told him that I want to visit him before I go back to Bandung… So he called me and asked whether I`m gonna visit him again or not…
He also already packed a box of mangosteens for me and he worried about me too… Then finally I got flight tomorrow from Lombok to Bali at 3 p.m. and will arrive in Bali around 4 p.m. So Pa Vivin will give me the mangosteens in airport, because my flight to Bandung at 8 p.m. It was impossible for me to come to his house in Tabanan then go back to airport.

So, I go to BIL (Bandara Internasional Lombok) or Lombok International Airport. Then arrived in Bali at 4 p.m. Then I called Pa Vivin… Then I just wait in the airport… And Pasha called me to ask my position , then we met and guess what!!!! I got around 5 kgs mangosteens from Pa Vivin… I thought Pa Vivin will come also , but unfortunately he couldn`t coz Pasha come with his friend, Andrey. So I was a lil bit dissapointed coz I think Pa Vivin will come too… Now, my worries are how to bring this 5kgs mangosteens and my bags , alone? lol , it was so heavy and i don`t use bagagge, so i must carry it by myself till get into the airplane! lol… Finally, after such a big effort, I could make it… And… HHHOOOOMMMEEEE… I felt so happy to meet my family again… Couldn`t wait to tell my mom my entire story… haha… she was a lil bit shock in a part that i travelled alone in Bali. But then I was just told her that I`m afraid if I told her before, she won`t allowed me to go alone. Sorry to cheat on you mom, coz I know when I told you that there`s a part that I go alone, mom won`t allowed me. Coz the more one forbid me, the more curious i become.

And I want to give my appreciation to my friend, Pasha who teached me new way of life, new idea of life… While everybody around me busy judging me, gossiping me or something, he`s the one who`s not… He said that, that`s your life, live on it as you like it… You could never be perfect to everyone, so don`t waste your time by being perfect.

Sooo…. That`s the end of the story… And what I really like (and still miss it), is the part in which I dont have to worry what other thinks, seems like my burden are lifted… And that was hapenned in that small village coz the people are open minded type , i live in a very natural environment, my minds were so free and I could live my own life. No one tell me what to do. No one come with their good or bad comments 🙂
See you, that moment… I`ll find you soon!!!


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