Is that your Grandma hanging on the roof? L.O.L

Is that your Grandma?

On the 22nd of June in Mariupol an elderly woman aged 74 fell out of the balcony from the 8th storey. She was trying to shout at street musicians who prevented her from sleeping. The granny hung at the level of the 7th storey, her dress being caught on some pin.

She was being rescued with a ladder truck and from inside: they broke the lock in the neighbouring flat.

The woman was hanging like this for about an hour.

The old dress was definitely of high quality, not a Chinese one… Amanda Deviana`s tip: That`s why u don`t have to buy Chinese dresses…

The granny was given a depressant drug. Amanda Deviana feel terrible about this…. So please, don`t leave your grandma alone, lol.


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