Grand Study Tour Road to Bali Hotel Administration January 2012 – Part 1

So , due to the HIMA Program in my campus , the HIMA always held a Grand Study Tour every years only for students majoring Hotel Administration. It is such a huge HIMA program , after the General Manager Showcase program in December 2011 where we invited 4 General Managers from 4 Hotel to give presentations for Hotel Administration (HoA) students… The GMs are:
1. Handrio Utomo – GM Grand Royal Panghegar Bandung
2. Cris Mc Lean – GM Swiss Belhotel Mangga Besar Jakarta
3. Donie Novian – GM Kampung Sampireun Garut
4. Thierry Gasnier – GM Novotel Nusa Dua Bali
in this program , i become a leading officer for the lectures and the GMs too…
and for the Grand Tour to Bali , i become the comitee and my position was the secretary , so i was responsible for correspondence with the Study Visit to STP-Bali Nusa Dua and Hotel Visit to Novotel Nusa Dua and also proposals for sponsorship… Before the grand study tour was held , i was very busy with the commitee meetings and once become so stressful >.< coz many things to do and many things happened , seems like the commitee are under the pressure and no way out but then finally , this program could be succesful , after all , lol…
The Grand Study Tour Road to Bali was held from 16 January until 22 January
We got contract with Respati Tours , for the transportation , we go there by Bus… From Bandung to Bali by bus will take about 30 or more hours , plus time for 3 times stop for Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner… Luckily , the Bus was very comfortable with AC , and also blanket and pillow included , such a very comfy bus actually ,there`s DVD and Karaoke too…
There are about 65 participants , and we use 2 buses…
H-3 , means 3 days before , i fight with my grandmother because of some reasons and then i just go out from home all day long and almost eat nothing eventhough i`m not fit at all at that time… Then i got home at 10 a.m. and my mom worried so much about me coz she know i eat nothing… Then the next day , i got sick! and my mom worried coz 2 days later i will go to Bali , so if i was sick , won`t be good to me… So my dad just give me medicine and i just take a rest all day long for 2 days.
Then 15 January , i still took a rest but with some worries coz i haven`t pack my luggage >.<
Then i can`t sleep at night and start packing late at night , many things to prepare , beside my clothes etc , i have to prepare for the study visit and hotel visit also , coz i was the commitee… Then I haven`t slept at all that night , just packing and make sure everything allright , then 5 a.m. in the morning , my dad deliver me to the campus coz everybody supposed to gather in the campus first before go to Bali…
And then before we start the journey , we pray together coz it will be a long journey…

Then we leave Bandung around 7 a.m. and i was just slept during the trip haha… i took sleeping pills and took my medicine too coz i still felt not good… From Bandung to East Java , i slept all the time , just woke up for eat and then back to bus and slept again… haha… But then when we already arrived on East Java , i feel healthy again \(^.^)/ and watching the views along the road in the East Java and also watching Indian Movie “3 idiots” kinda a funny romance movie with deep meaning… click here to find out about the film


And after this film , my friends watch a horror movie! I dont like it so i go back to sleep , again! haha… i`m hibenating like a bear in the winter during the trip haha…
at Ketapang Harbour
And then i arrived at Ketapang Harbour around 13.00 and accros to Gilimanuk Harbour in Bali… I was just sat on the ferry, having a cup of coffee and just enjoying the view alone , lol… While the other friends of mine are taking pictures together or doing something else… Then arrived in Bali, had Lunch and heading to Tanah Lot.
At Tanah Lot , i bought an Italian Gelato Ice Cream and it tasted great… I forgot what taste i bought… and there , i just enjoying the view alone again , until finally met my classmates and walk together for sightseeing and took pictures. And then we gotta go back to the Bus and i bought the ice cream , again! haha… I do really like ice cream… but this time , luckily , one lecture of mine was treat me and my friend , so… happy… haha..
Then heading to Sanur , i stayed at a hotel in Sanur ( i forgot the name , lol) and luckily , my room mates were great and also my room were okay too , minimalis style ,but without mirror >.< lol… My room mates were protest too coz there`s no mirror in the room and when i checked it to the front office , they said that they haven`t facilitate the new building with mirror… lol… well , okay , that`s weird… many friends complain about it too…. But luckily , we got mirror moved out from the lectures room , lol… The lecture gave it to us and said “We are men , not really need mirror” lol… So me n friends moved the mirror to our room , lol… And after had a shower , me n some friends go out and went to Circle K and just hanged out there and then walked again to Mc Donald , that`s the only Mc Donald in Sanur…We went there and i ate french fries with some ice cream haha… And then go back to Hotel and all the commitee gather to discuss about study n hotel visit for tomorrow morning… And at that time , i was a lil bit upset coz my partner didn`t do the job description well. All this time almost all job description i do it myself , then i just gave her 2 tasks to do , but even that , she didn`t do it… so i was a lil bit upset… Then the commitee had to wake up earlier to prepare all things needed…
18 January , it`s Wednesday , Day 3
I woke up early in the morning , then took a shower and prepare everything needed and have an early breakfast. After everything done , we were ready to study visit to STP-Bali Nusa Dua , but then i got upset again coz my partner seems had no responsible for being the commitee, just do nothing. Then my friend , Melky , the chief of the commitee was calm me down… Then we arrived at STP-Bali Nusa Dua and study visit there. Then i met with Ellis , one of a senate for STP-Bali , which i contacted for the correspondence bussiness for study visit and we talked alot about things. And i got new friends too there , who escorted me and explained about STP-Bali to me. It was hot there lol…

And then we were heading to Hotel Visit , to Novotel Nusa Dua Bali and the Managers already make a line to welcome us…
then we divided into 7 groups and take a tour the hotel , and my group was escorted by the FB Manager , he`s French… We got showing room , and then they show us the SPA , restaurants , executive lounge too and the Pool…


After the Tour , we got compliment Lunch at Arjuna Meeting Room and it was Table D^hote menu and taste very great!

And also i got the shoot of the dessert , it was very nice , a heart shaped waffle with Blueberry Sauce and Ice cream on top , yummy


After having Lunch , we took a pic together in the garden
Then we were heading to Tanjung Benoa to get some water sport , but i just playing on the beach , not taking a water sport coz somewhat expensive and it was much more better to play water sport in Nusa Dua beach than in Tanjung Benoa…

at Tanjung Benoa

After that, heading to Dreamland and playing on the beach again there , got a lil bit sunburst there , and then had dinner in Jimbaran… In Jimbaran , we could have dinner on the beach with the candle , well , actually it will be much more romantic for couples…. haha… Dinner on the beach with candles haha…

After dinner , there were a lil bit games for entertaint the participants and i was involved with the game! eeerrr… This game need a girl and a boy to hold a baloon together , the one who make the baloon fall down first , they loose… and this time we all use the same T-Shirt , it`s like a special uniform…


Then go back to the hotel and my friends ask me to join me to swim that night so i joined them , then took a shower and ready to go to party , haha , they invited me to go clubbing at SkyGarden in Legian. Actually , i never been go clubbing before , so i think , maybe i will try it here and there also some lectures who will go there and some friends too , i dont want anything bad happened to me , lol… So it was my first time go clubbing and they were open table , so it was comfy and i got compliment drink to celebrate the successful of this grand study tour program , i choose Kahlua… and i was a lil bit drunk and purge around 3 times , it wasn`t feel great actually , i felt sick and headache! eeeerrrr…. Then go back to the hotel with them and i felt so hungry , so i ate biscuits and fell asleep , and next morning i was purge again , then took shower and lil bit more fresh but still headache… When i was wake up in the morning n still headache ,then go to the lobby , some friends and lectures laughing at me and asked “Amanda , are u okay? Can u walk straight already?” and they are laughing… lol… i was just show my thumbs-up sign that i`m okay haha… They told me that yesterday night , before go back to hotel , i was smiling to everyone , include the security guards too , lol… strange…
19 January , Day 4
The program for today was watching Tari Barong but i was just sleep coz i still had headache and then go to buy some souvenirs , but i was just buy some peanuts for myself haha… Then heading Pasar Seni Sukowati , but i just slept again on the bus and the lecture was gave me a coconut to drink and i go back to sleep again , lol… So much sleep on the bus…
Then go to Kuta , but this time i was feel fresh already and then walked through Legian – Kuta with my friends and bought ice cream in Mc Donald… I tried Peach-Mango Sundae


After that , i walk alone around the Kuta-Legian and bought 2 scoops ice cream again in 2 different place haha… then after that , we gather in front of the Kuta Beach and walk to Krisna to bought some souvenirs but i was just bought a Balinese Juice but it wasn`t taste great at all… dont like it… Then we go back to Hotel and i took a shower then all my classmates are going to Kuta again to hang out in a cafe , from 12 p.m until 3 a.m in the morning , and we got Pizza… and i had Capucinno , coz it was cold and raining in Kuta… this is the pic of all my classmates… (i`m the one with the pink grey T-Shirt , behind, lol… i was stand up on the chair , otherwise , the camera couldn`t catch me , haha)
So it was the last night with my friends from campus , coz tomorrow , due to the tour program , we go back to Bandung by Bus , will be leaving the hotel at 8-9 a.m. in the morning… BBBUUUUUTTTT…. I decided to extend my staying in Bali \(^.^)/ so i could check out later than my friends and also I haven`t packing my bag and need to sleep coz i didn`t sleep well day before…
20 January , Day 5
I woke up around 7 a.m. in the morning then had breakfast with friends who will be leaving Bali today and go back to Bandung… Then they were leaving the hotel around 9 a.m. in the morning… I stay with some other friends too who decided to extend in Bali but each with different plan , lol… Then after the bus leaving , the hotel was very quiet and i went back to my room alone , and started packing (feel a lil bit lonely) haha… Then after finish packing , I looked at my watch and it still 10 a.m. and i just sat down alone in the room and thinking hopefully whether my decision to extend in Bali will leave me such a great experiences or not , still wonder what will happened to me while I`m extend in Bali , lol coz it will be the first time for me to do the trip alone… After that i decided to go out and ready to check out and will meet my friend at Mc Donalds… Then i met some friends who extend too and they ask me to join them to go somewhere in Bali , but i just ask them to drop me in McDonald, and then they dropped me in McDonald… Then i decided to have Lunch in McDonald while waiting for my friend to pick me up… XD
So the last story of this part is… WAITING TO BE PICKED UP… lol
Grand Study Tour Road To Bali , Hotel Adminstration STP Bandung 2012 with Respati Tours
-The End-

2 thoughts on “Grand Study Tour Road to Bali Hotel Administration January 2012 – Part 1

  1. Nice report
    I’m leaving in the Carribbean and would like to meet you four my next study tour in Indonesia
    What are you doing now
    Are you finishef you stp studies?

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