Gili Trawangan Story – PART 3

After saying goodbye to Pasha , I continued my journey to Gili Trawangan. It was only me on the shuttle bus , lol , no another passengers. The driver told me that , usually the other are picked up from Kuta or Nusa Dua etc… Then around 9 a.m. I arrived at the speed boat service , I used “Srikandi” and paid around 300.000 IDR from Bali to Gili Trawangan (1 hour) and went to the office to get my speed boat ticket , then heading to Padang Bai Harbour. Around 10 a.m. I arrived at Padang Bai Harbour , but they said the boat will leave @ 11 a.m. so I just walked around alone there to killing the time , then met 2 men from Great Britain , had a little conversation ,then enjoying the view at Padang Bai… I sat down on the harbour deck and enjoying the coral below… The water was clear enough for me to see the coral , lol… It was very hot there… While waiting , I was just so amazed that , finally , I travelling alone! Lol! I always wanted to try travelling alone , and now it`s just like dream comes true , lol… Well , travelling alone doesn`t mean that you will be alone all the time…
Then @ 11 a.m. I got into the speedboat… It was nice small speedboat  and the passengers not so full today and when I looked around , there`s no Domestic Tourists , lol… Mostly are European. Then the boat were leaving the harbour… I felt a lil bit sleepy , but then I decided to go up to see the view , I don`t want to missed it , although it was sunny day , but I thought , maybe next time I couldn`t see this kind of view anymore , lol… as u know usually I avoiding the sun… But this time , I just don`t care… It`s holiday anyway… If I don`t get tanned , it`s not like having holiday in the beach haha… Then I just left my bag on the chair , coz I now it`s safe there , no burglar lol… Coz there are some people too who go upside and left their bags there… So I went upside and , wow , the wind were blowing so fast and it`s kinda hard to reach on the top , but then I got some help… Then I saw there are some people sunbathing there while enjoying the view… Then I sat down and enjoying the view too… I could see deep blue ocean with it`s big waves        and the islands… I don`t know what island , but there`s some unknown islands and it just looked amazing! =)
Then around 12 I arrived in Gili Trawangan harbour… Ow , I got frenz there… As u know , Gili Islands are now developing , so there are many new hotels there , and some of my seniors in my campus work there , since I study about Hotel Industry. Then I met my friend who work there who were my senior in campus and get into Cidomo. What is Cidomo?
Well the only transport in Gili Islands are Bicycle and Cidomo. Using this Cidomo , we got to paid 50.000 IDR. It`s somewhat like Taxi in Gili Islands , and there`s only 32 Cidomo in Gili Trawangan. New nice info : there`s no air polution in Gili coz there are no motor vehicle there , so the air must be fresh =) Maybe the only air polution is the BBQ Smoke , lol. There are lots of Café and Restaurants on the road side and also many cottage.
The cottage I lived was about 250.000 IDR per night include breakfast , and the breakfast menu was only 3 , lol. Pancake (with many choices filling) , Toast with kinds of Egg (Scramble , Omelete , etc) , and Fruit Platter. And we could choose between Tea or Coffee. There`s a pool in front and the beach is direct In front of the cottage area.
Then I got into my room , the room was clean , with AC , but no TV , anyway , who needs TV here , lol… Then the bathroom inside with shower. Nice =)
Then , since I was sleepless , so after took a shower , I just lay down and rest , lol. Then around 3 p.m. I got my Lunch… I got a local food like white rice with fried noodle and some vegetables. Then I walk around , seeing what`s around the island and sat down in the harbour with friend , looking at the coral below for some time and had a dinner , well buffet dinner in Villa Ombak. U could paid 100.000 IDR and get a around 250 gr your choices fish , and get the all you can eat buffet dinner. For the choices of the fish , there were Baracuda Fish , Snapper , Mahi-Mahi , Tuna , etc or u can choose Seafood too , there were Lobster , Prawn , Crabs etc. Then I choose Mahi-Mahi coz the texture is the softest one , and for the buffet , u could choose kinds of Salads like a Chicken Salad , Beef Salad , Fruit Salad and so on with your own topping and your own sauce choices. There were also Live Music in there and we can dance there , but I didn`t dance , lol , I just saw some girls danced with their friends. Then go back to the cottage and I phoned my mom and got some sleep.
I woke up early in the morning , around 6 a.m. and there were so silence. Then I sat alone in the gazebo in front of the pool and the beach , enjoying the view… There were some people jogging surrounding the island – well it only needs around 2 hours to surrounding the island. Then around 7 a.m. there were an elder Australian couple sitting next to my Gazebo and we had a lil conversation.
Then the manager of the hotel offer me the breakfast. Then I got my coffee with milk first. I just sat down alone and listening to some old song , and then my Toast with Scramble Egg was coming… When I was eating my breakfast , my frenz come then we got breakfast.
Then around 10 we walk to get the Glass Bottom Tour. The Boat leaving at 10.30. We paid 100.000 IDR each , the boat will be leaving at 10.30 , then got to the first stop we got 30 minutes snorkeling around then go to the second stop near Gili Meno Island which is famous for its turtle and heading to Gili Air Island had a Lunch together and then continue to the third stop to get snorkeling around about 30 minutes then go back to Gili Trawangan around 3 p.m. That`s a lil bit explaining about Glass Bottom Boat Tour.
Then after bought the ticket , we waited in the harbour with another passengers too and then get into the boat. The small boat consists around 20 persons , and we can see the coral from the glass in the bottom of the boat. Then the boat leaved the harbour… The view was amazing , I could see the ocean with it`s waves and the islands too. It was a sunny day but at some time it was cloudy too. Then we got into the first stop and we have 30 minutes snorkeling there.
Actually ,I never been snorkeling so far , so it would be my very first time , snorkeling in the middle of the ocean , lol… Then I got into the water , it was not so cold , a lil bit warm , maybe because of the sun , lol… Then snorkeling!!! At first I was doubt to get into the water (for some reason , lol) but then when everybody got into the water , I got a gut and get into the water too… And… Snorkeling was amazing!!! I never been swimming in the sea this far from the island , lol… Then after 30 minutes , we got into the boat again and the boat was heading to the second stop. Then I got a lil bit dizzy But I don`t really think about it , so I just ignore it. The more I felt it , the more I become sick… But I think if I was just ignore it , it would be gone =)
Then we got into the second stop , it was near the Gili Meno Island , famous with its turtle. And there`s a local guy guide us to chase the turtle… We swam a lil bit far from the boat and chase the turtle… After chasing the turtle , we got back into the boat… But then , there were 3 girls lost , they weren`t got into the boat instead the go into the Gili Meno island , lol… Then the boat heading there to pick them up… After that , the boat was heading to the Gili Air Island then we got Lunch in a Restaurant. We were at the same table with Danish Girls and had a lil conversation while having our lunch. We got an hour or more there and go back to the boat to continue the tour. Then we got into the third stop and got 30 minutes to snorkeling again… Then I saw many beautiful coral and many beautiful sea fish which were colorful =) 
Then after 30 minutes , we go back into the Gili Trawangan and the tour was over… I really had a great experiences there!!! So happy =) Then after having the tour we got some Gelato and just relaxing on the café with its big sofas… The view in front was a beach with its white sand and turquoise sea and Lombok and an island across. Nice beautiful view… There were also some people sunbathing on the beach… So I lay down on the sofa , enjoying the view while listening to my i-Pod and fell asleep , lol…
Then I woke up and walk along the beach , heading to my cottage to get a shower… Then go out for dinner in the local market , but brought it to the cottage and had dinner in the cottage , lol… Got some vegetables with rice , Kangkung Pelecing – local foods there , and some martabak – local cake. After had dinner , got sleep…. Today was FUN!
After Snorkelling all day long , my back was pain coz of sunburn.
I forgot to give my back sunblock , so it get burn so badly , uurrrgghhh and the next day , it was very painful , even when i sit on a sofa
Tomorrow , planning to go back to Bali , so I thought I must sleep a lil bit earlier…
I was planning to go back to Bali by speedboat again tomorrow @ 11 a.m. and after that stay in Bali again for 2 nights before my flight on 27 January. Maybe I`m going to bought some souvenirs from Bali for my family and my friends too… =)
I woke up early in the morning and decided to jogging surrounding the island @ 6.30 a.m. This morning was quite different from the other morning… I don`t know but I felt something different. Usually there`s some people jogging too , but this time , I only met few people jogging. Then heading to the back of the island , it wasn`t like the front side of the island which is many café and restaurants. There were only few café and restaurant , the rest was like a forest with many trees… Well , since I was jogging alone , I was a lil bit afraid , lol… But , I just keep jogging. It wasn`t as sunny as days before… And guess what… Suddenly it was started raining… But there`s only forest in front of me , so I kept jogging until I found a place to stayed. Then I decided to stop for a while and stay away from the rain… While sitting there alone , it`s like a net between 2 trees , I lay down , enjoying the view and took some pics.

Well , it seems like the rain won`t stop in a moment , so I decided to continuing surrounding the island. But then the rain got heavier and the wind start blowing so fast , then I decided to stop again at an empty Bar , but before , I found stairs heading to top , at first I wanted to go there , but dunno it heading . It was a nice Bar , with modern design , outdoor , big and luxury , but it was empty. I thought it was open only at night , so I decided to sat down there , waiting the rain and the wind. It was like an empty island actually. I was a lil bit confuse coz it seems like the no one operating the bar or even take care of the bar… But I was just ignore it and wait there coz of the rain and the wind… Then it was only 1 man passing , he was jogging… So it`s kinda spooky for me ,then I decided to continuing the jogging although it was raining and windy. Then after around 45 minutes I already arrived in the front part of the island , then I walked and went back to the cottage , started packing. I was planning to go back to Bali today by the speedboat @ 11 a.m. But then I got news from my friend that the speedboat couldn`t operating , there was no speedboat across to Bali today due to bad weather and the waves reached 7 metres. So I decided to extended  1 more night in Gili Trawangan. But I was kinda worried coz my flight from Bali to Bandung already booked for 27 January @ 8 p.m. It would be the next 2 days. So , the rest of the day I was just walking alone. Well , my friend offered to accompany me , but I just want to be alone. I dunno , sometimes I just need time to exploring something alone , lol. My friend thought that I was in a bad mood , but it wasn`t. Then I sat in the Gazebo for hours coz I couldn`t do nothing. It seems there was no activity to do due to bad weather , the people are just sitting in the Restaurants and Café there , some are sunbathing , but it wasn`t sunny day , some are swimming on the sea near the beach. That day was cloudy and windy. I drank coffee but it got cold so fast coz of the wind , errr…

Then in the afternoon , we were jogging again , and stop for a moment in Villa Queen Hotel. While waiting , it began raining again and I met my ex-senior in campus who work there too and I was being offered to wait on the Café and got compliment drinks. I got Orange Juice and Fruity Cocktail for free \(^.^)/
Then got a lil conversation with him about his experiences working there (he already be a captain of the restaurant) , and enjoying sunset , but the sunset wasn`t great , actually , coz it was cloudy =( But I was just enjoyed the view and the cocktail. Then my ex-seniors excuse me coz he got to back to his work.
Then we were continuing jogging again , but after drank the cocktail , maybe I got dizzy a lil bit and very energetic , lol , so I was running very fast , lol , and also it was so dark there , already 7 p.m. and there were some road without any lights , so I was kinda afraid and run faster , lol.
Then my friend told me a spooky story… When we passed by again the empty Bar where I sat that morning when I was jogging and it was raining , with the stairs heading to top , remember? But I decided not to go upstairs… the empty bar… It is an empty bar! So , the bar already closed. It was belong to a rich Indian man , who build an area for a bar , his house , and cemetery of his family. So the stairs which I passed by this morning was heading to the cemetery! Lucky I decided not to go upstairs!!!! Then one night , the rich Indian man had a party with his family and his friends… Then after the party , the are all die because of overdose! After that , that area were left empty! Whaaattt… it was so spooky! I thought it was open at night , but the fact is , it was left empty , what a spooky place…
Then after arrived in front part of the island , we decided to eat Pizza. Then we ate at Trattoria Restaurant , one of the best Italian Restaurant in Gili Trawangan and famous with it`s Pizza. And I ordered Pizza with Mozarella Cheese , Ham , Mushroom , Bacon. It tasted so great , I never had a Pizza this tasty before in Bandung or Jakarta or where else. Maybe because in here , the Pizza contains `pork` so it was more tasty =p lol. Then went back to the cottage and I started packing coz I should leave this island tomorrow , no matter what coz my flight already booked on 27 January!!! Then change plan , book a ferry rather than speedboat , coz the ferry is bigger than speedboat , so if the waves big too , the ferry may still operate. So heading to Lombok to reach the Ferry… Then in about an hour, arrived in Lombok… =)

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