Exploring Another Side of Bali – PART 2

So , when everybody from my campus went back to Bandung by Bus , i planned to extended my staying in Bali for 3 days… At first i want to extended with some friends , we already made a plan , but then , few days before , my friends seems like having their own plan and what can i do… i will go my own , and since i always wanted to go by myself and become more independent , i will travelled alone… Luckily , i got some Balinese friends who gave me some advice about Bali and so on =)

Then after a long story , i got hosted in a private small nice villa in a village near Tabanan. So many times I`ve been in Bali , holiday with friends and also with family , but seems like i always go to Kuta , Sanur , Jimbaran… Never been stayed in a small village with local people , always in a touristic area… So it`s kinda a new journey for me… XD And i guess it will be such a very different experience for me…
A lil bit flashback in my life , when I went to Bali with my high school friends in 2009 , we stayed in Kuta , and every free program , I just window shopping with my friends , hang out in a café , etc , so bored lol. I even can do that in my city , lol! And now , I could have a different feeling by staying in a private villa in a village \(^.^)/ and also after have a little conversation with the owner – who asked me to call him Pa Vivin – then he asked me to regard him as my own father in Bali , which means now I have a stepfather in Bali , lol… He already has a daughter too, around my age , but his daughter work in Kuta and stay in Kuta , so maybe he put me down as his own daughter , lol… Dunno , but we had a great conversation…
Ah , back to the story… So after check out from the hotel , then my friends who extend their staying too , dropped me with my bags in Mc Donald and I had my `brunch` there. I ordered Burger with Coffee , while waiting. Then my cs friend , Pavel – but people usually call him Pasha , come and pick me up. He picked me up with the motorbike and , he just got 1 helmet , ooops XD  and then when I ask him what if we got caught by the police , then he just said “Well , just paid 50.000 IDR to the police” lol… (Wow , rupanya Indonesia terkenal ama korupsi nya ya , heuheu… =p  )
Then we were heading to the villa from Sanur , and then , whoopssiiieee , we got stopped by the police coz I didn`t use helmet… Then we moved side and the police , which was looked very grumpy , lol , asked about the driving license and Pasha showed his driving license , and then the police just said “Go , buy helmet!” with a grumpily face , lol… Well , I though the police will ask for some money , but he didn`t , lol.. Dunno why… But then , along the road from Sanur to Tabanan , there`s many police caught me , but the police couldn`t stop us coz they had no motorbike at that time , lol… Only the first one coz he was on the motorbike , so he could chase us and stop us , lol… But along the road , I was so afraid to meet another grumpy police -.-“ so I was just hiding behind Pasha`s back , hoping that the police didn`t notice me without helmet   (-.-“)/ hhwwaaaa >.<”    Coz it was very easy to notice me without helmet coz my hair was like a LION KING`S hair , blown with the wind , HAHAHAHAHAHA…. Whhuuuzzzz…. (o^.^o)
Then after arrived at Tabanan Kota , we were heading to a more village area , in which the police are very rare and I don`t have to hide anymore and could see the beautiful view around the village , and it was amazing , coz there are many terraced rice fields by the side of the road… So I was just amazed looking at the beautiful scenery along the road and the air was fresher too in the village than in the city… Beautiful scenery with fresh air , GREAT!
Then I arrived – after a very long road from Sanur , lol , maybe 2 hours  and I saw a very nice small warm villa with garden and stones and also wooden floor terrace for relaxing… GREAT =) Then Pasha show me the room and gave me the key also =) The room was big , with a King Size Bed and TV too… Then I just put my bag there and start to unpack my suitcase… Then , I noticed , there`s no mirror in there , >.< and I didn`t have any mirror either , so while stayed there , I used no mirror haha…
Then I sat down and relaxing in the terrace , enjoying the great view from up there , it was so relaxing with mountain fresh air , away from the city , away from my routine activities , away from things that made me stressful haha… This is holiday! After what I passed in previous semester , which was very stressful and exhausted! Lol… I just don`t want to think about anything there , just relaxing =)
Then had a little conversation with Pasha and I asked him about sightseeing around there… He already rent and stayed in that villa for 4 months , so he knows that area well. Then he show me the terraced rice fields – Jatiluwih… It was amazing! Then we stopped in a small tavern and had Avocado Juices while enjoying the view and then I decided to had a walk in a foot lane in the side part of the rice fields , just wonder what`s on… But there was nothing , so we decided to go back and go to the Hot Spring. It was almost raining lol…
Then we arrived in the Hot Spring and take a bath there… It was like a small pool for 4 persons , like a nature jacuzzi actually , with the stones for the seat and there`s also a hot water coming out from the bamboo stick and some grass in the edges of the pool , it was very natural =) I like it… I won`t find something like that in my city hahaha… Although there was some algae on the stone lol… Then Pasha wonder why I didn`t get tanned and sunburst like him… Am I avoiding the sun? And the answer is , Yep , I avoiding the sun , lol… And he confused why am I do that… Then I explained that mostly for Asian , a good looking skin colour is when your skin is white and bright , well doesn`t mean tanned skin is bad , but Asian prefer to have a white skin. There`s even many skin whitening in the Asian Market lol , but I understand why he wondered coz mostly , for the Caucasian , the tanned skin which looks good , lol… Well , that`s one of our culture differentiation. White skin and tanned skin , lol.
And then , after some time , it was raining and getting cold >.< so we decided to go up and go from there. And the rain got heavier >.< and he brought me to his friends place. It was dark already and I was wet too coz of the rain , errr… >.< then I was introduced to his friends who are Russian too , Galya and Andrew. They got lots of pets and animals in their place. They had cat and dog and there are another animals too… But the dog was licking me and it was very tickling and I couldn`t stop laughing when the dog licked me , lol. They cooked a soup and offered me the soup. It was so cold there and had a hot soup would be such a great =) It was a clear soup with some vegetables and spaghetti on it. And they brought us some beers too but I only had a little , I don`t really like it coz it tastes bitter >.<  Then Galya show me pictures in her computer and the pictures was amazing. And she show me her paint too and it was such a great paint =) Then we went back and there were many dogs around the villa and they are barking to us and I got panic!!!! Oh No! lol… I was afraid that the dog will bite my leg or even worse , my ass lol XD Then I took a shower , unfortunately there were no hot water , so… >.< it was very cold haha… After that I was so tired and go back to my room and fall asleep… lol
I woke up around 8 in the morning and it was so cold for me , then I sat alone in the terrace and relaxing while enjoying the view , the sky was cloudy. It was so relaxing , remembering the past view days I was so tired , lots of activity programs from the tours and had no enough sleep. Now I could just relaxing =) Like thiiiissss (thumbs)  😉  Then Pasha woke up and he work on his project… I just sat down for hours ,covered with the blanket coz it was cold there while enjoying the view and be grateful for this moment I could relaxing =) refreshing my mind and bring new idea of life XD and ate some Mangosteen =) There`s a lot of fruits there , just named it… Oranges , Bananas , Salak , Mangosteens  😉
Then after he work , he cooked me Bean Cake (Tempe) and chat a bit… It was raining all day , made us lazy to go anywhere , so we were just sat down in the terrace lol… And maybe because of the rain , I fell asleep lol… Dunno for how long… Then after I woke up , Pasha show me his project and then he show me Russian Cartoons… I watched 3 Russian Cartoons.
  • The first one is about a traveller man who fall in love with a princess…
  • And the second was about an alien who wants to be friends with a human on earth… At first the human was afraid with the alien , but then because of a song , then they become friends… The song who made them stick together was familiar for me , lol… It was `theme from Godfather`
  • And the third was something like Tom & Jerry cartoon but Russian version I guess… So the Tom was a wolf and the Jerry was a rabbit… It was the funniest cartoon among the other , and I do really like the rabbit… haha… So funny…
And then the owner came and we had a nice conversation and got close in a moment… He regards me as his own daughter , lol and asked me to regard him as my own father in Bali , my Balinese father , lol… He was very kinship =) so I was like feel at home there lol XD He also brought us some mangosteens which he had just pluck from the tree , so the mangosteens were fresh =) and sweet… Owww I miss it all so badly >.< Not that I got a sucks life here , but living in a big city just not that close to nature , lol… Even the foods contain chemicals T_T and the air are poluted… There , I could drink from the tap water =) the water is fresh from the mountain!!! So great…
Then after the rain stop , around 3 p.m. , Pasha took me to a Butterfly Museum , in which I could see the process of a Butterfly from cocoon until it become a beautiful butterfly XD and there were many unique insects such as ladybug , scorpion etc… The colors are beautiful too… The ticket price at first was 50.000 IDR each , but then I asked for the local price and got 35.000 IDR each XD
Then it was already around 4 p.m. and my stomach was already ask to be feed , lol… So we ate Nasi Campur (Rice with Vegetables and meats)…
Then go back to Villa , and I`m curious with the backyard of the villa… What`s on there… So I asked Pasha to walk go along the footstep road behind the villa… We walked pretty far away from the villa , heading to the mountain… Then I looked at my watch and no idea it was already 6 p.m. lol… In my city , before 6 p.m. usually the sky dark already , but in Bali , it still bright… So we decided to go back before it got darker and we were like in the middle of nowhere , haha… Then when we went back , we enjoy a view from the top for a moment… There , I almost could see half of Bali! But unfortunately , I was not tall enough , lol , so I couldn`t see the view clearly coz there are many tree closed my sight , lol… So I decided to go up to the middle of the rice fields to get a better sight XD then the next thing we do was climbing the terraced rice fields lol… I never been in the middle of the rice fields before haha… It was a hard track to climb , with the gooey soil which is hard to be stepped at… my sandals often get trapped there and hard to be lifted up lol , but it was a great experience , climbing the rice fields, walking across the small river, lol… Then after we got into the top , I could see the view! Half of Bali! I could see the Nusa Dua Beach , the city , and the Mountains! If I`m not mistaken , I could see Mt.Agung from there =) What a great view XD  \(^.^)/  So happy… After some moments , we decided to went back to villa… But I want to try a new track to get down the rice fields , because the previous track was hard I think , so I would like to try a new track by get down the rice fields until we found the footsteps road… But then after we tried , it was a dead end , lol… And also it was getting darker , almost 7 p.m. so we decided to go back through the previous track… I almost forgot the way coz in the middle of the rice fields , it was all look the same , lol… I forgot the way back! But luckily , Pasha did remember the way back… haha… so he walk in front of me… And , yeah! I remember now , there`s a track in which the soil was very gooey and my sandals trapped there and it was so hard to be lifted up and after that , my feet were covered by the soil lol… Then we met the small river where we across through it before… The water was very clear and fresh , so we decided to clean our full of soiled leg there… I was so happy because I never found such clear river water before \(^.^)/
After we got finish , then we continue again , and in a moment… Taaarrrraaaaaaa…. We found the footsteps road again (hooorrraaayyy) and walk back to the villa… It was dark already , maybe around 7.30 p.m? Then I took a shower , so fresh =) and after that Pa Vivin came and brought us some mangosteens , lol… And I ate a lot XD whooppssiiieee , but the Mangosteens are great!!! \m/(“,)
Then the tree of us had long conversation while having coffee – it was cold , so I covered myself with a blanket , lol… Usually I had to use AC in my house , but in here , no need anymore , and I like it =) After a lil bit late , Pa Vivin walk back home and I chat lil bit with Pasha and went back to my room. And guess what!!! I hard to get sleep! Maybe because of the coffee? Lol… But at that time , honestly saying , I was a lil bit afraid , sleeping alone >.< and also there`s some noise , errr…. So I turned on the TV although I`m not watching on it , lol… Then maybe until 4 a.m. I still awake lol… Dooh! But then luckily , maybe I fell asleep and woke up a lil bit early in the morning ,and there`s a chicken in the garden… hahaha…
Then I just sat alone and enjoying the view again for hours… I like it =) Then around 10 , Pasha woke up and we went to his another Russian friends place , but there was nobody , only the dog… Then we bought some foods to feed the dog , and for our breakfast too. After feed the dog , we went back and there`s already cs`er couple from Portugal coming and waiting for us. Joao and Suzi. Then we had our breakfast and had a lil conversation with them. They told us their bad experience in Monkey Forest , how the monkey stole things from them and how they must paid the local people ( who trains the monkey to stole from them , so that we must pay them to get our things back!) and how corrupt the Indonesian polices are… lol (tuh kan kata gw juga , Indonesia terkenal korup heiii!!!! Gubrak deh wkwkwk , yang suka minta uang damai tuh , diceritain ama turis wkwkwk….)
Then we decided to go together to Bedugul =) with motorbike. First we visited Jatiluwih again , coz Jo and Suzi haven`t seen it… So we went there and walk again in the rice fields , but this time , the track was easier than in the back of the villa , lol…

Then after a long way , we were heading to Bedugul… First , to Danau Bratan (Bratan Lake) , again , I use no helmet , but I got a head cover , lol… So lil bit worries with the police haha… Then we were confuse to get a duck ride or a rowing boat… Then after looked at the prices , we decided to get a boat… At first we got 50.000 IDR one rowing boat for 30 minutes , but then I bargain , so we got an hour , lol… So we get on the boat and rowed it by ourself… lol…. Building the muscles hahahaha…. Then when there were a speedboat crossing near us , it was made a small wave and our boat was shaking lol… Then after got a lil bit far from the deck , we stopped rowing and took a pictures while enjoying the view around us… We were in the middle of the lake , surrounding with the mountains and the clouds , or the fogs? Not sure eh… Great views \(^.^)/ and there I could soaking my feet… The lake`s water was cold… I don’t know whether it`s clean or dirty , but for me , it was pretty clean , lol… So I put my feet into the lake water… Then we decided to row back to the deck… Then heading to the second lake… Actually there`s 3 lakes in Bali… But we only visited 2 lakes… And also the Strawberry farms , but it was expensive , lol.. So we didn`t buy it.

After that , we went to Gitgit Waterfall , it was pretty far and cold too… It was a long winding road , but the views are great!!! I like the air and the views! Cold but fresh =) Then we arrived at Gitgit Waterfall , the same direction if we want to go to Singaraja , but it placed before Singaraja… Then there`s a local guide offering to guide us , but it was expensive… Gitgit has 3 waterfalls , for 1 waterfall tour we gotta pay 100.000 IDR and for 3 waterfalls we gotta pay 200.000 IDR. But if we go our own , we only pay the entrance ticket , each 5.000 IDR , so we decided to go by ourself. After a long way down , we arrived to the first waterfall , the twin waterfall… When we get very near to the waterfall , it was dark and cold air there , but so fresh =) , the water`s current was very swift… but it was such a very clean fresh water , I really like it! Love the nature =) I even get into the waterfalls , but the one with the current which is not so strong…

And we played canyo-ing… It`s like a hanging rope between the steeply sloping riverbanks , in which we could hanging like a Tarzan , swinging from one side to another side , but it was a lil bit hard for me and Suzi haha… When I tried it , my feet was stuck in a rope and I couldn`t get down , lol , so Suzi catch me and helped me to get down from the rope , lol… But before she caught me , I was hanging and swinging on the rope , holding tight to the rope , afraid to fall down , lol , until Suzi caught me… haha… But it was great experience haha , never been like this before , such a great adventures for me. Then we get into the second waterfalls , it was a big one… Then we decided to went back up to the parking lot and went back to the villa. But before we got our dinner very late , around 9 p.m.

Then after that I took a shower and chat a lil bit with Pavel , Joao , and Suzi… Then went to sleep because tomorrow , I gotta wake up very early coz I will continue my trip to Gili Trawangan… Since I live in a small village , far from the city centre , so I have to go to the meeting point , in which I will be picked up by the shuttle bus service provided by the speed boat agencies , and luckily , Pasha don`t mind to deliver me to the city centre early in the morning , so many thanks to him , if not , I had no idea what I`m gonna do , coz it`s hard to get public transportation in that area. The shuttle bus service will picked me up @7a.m. in the morning , so I gotta go from the villa @5a.m. in the morning… I owe Pasha much to deliver me that early >.<  So , I woke up around 4.30 and started packing , then woke him up… After some time , we were heading to the city centre , and go to Sanur… Then the pick up service told me to wait in KFC Sanur , that`s the only KFC in Sanur , so we were heading there and get there around 6.30 a.m.
Then while waiting , I decided to had a breakfast in KFC with Pasha. I got twister and he had Fish Burger , and for drinks we got Orange Juice =) Then I gave him back his hoodie , which I always use as a `helmet` lol , but then he told me that I could have it… Then the pick up service had already arrived and after having breakfast , we said Goodbye… The experiences I got these few days made me hard to leave all those things there… The nice villa , nice people I met , the kinship and new experiences I got , the atmosphere in there , and so on…
– The End –

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